Our Mission: Level the Playing Field For Small Businesses

Smart Business Assist helps small businesses compete against larger, better-resourced competitors. While Big Corporations can afford expert advice, consultants and dedicated resources, small business owners must wear multiple hats, make on-the-fly decisions, with never enough time to "get it all done". Your resource limitations are a disadvantage. 

Smart Business Assist (SBA) closes the resource gap, by providing the same Big Corporation knowledge, expertise, and resources - at a price every small business can afford. SBA has partnered with two industry leaders: Ideasphere (ideasphere.com) and Invisible Technologies (inv.tech).  Ideasphere is a 20+ year old global consulting firm with experts in every aspect of business; they serve as the advisors for all SBA clients.  Invisible is 10 year old support services platform, which provides the support resources for all SBA clients. .   

SBA re-envisions consulting for small and micro businesses.  Designed specifically for small business, our mission is to help small businesses compete with larger, better-resourced competitors. 

The competitive challenge for small business owners is enormous, particularly when it comes to resources.  Big Corporations don't just have more money; they have more people, more expertise, more information, and more time.  SBA is designed to help small businesses close that resource gap.  

How we go about closing the gap is what makes SBA unique. We provide not just advice, but deliver actionable solutions to specific business problems and the tools to execute that solution.  But unlike consulting designed for Big Corporations, which pay large engagement and retainer fees for advice, and licensing fees for their tools, SBA is designed to be affordable for every small business. Our clients have unlimited access to our platform - advice, consulting, solutions, and execution tools - for a monthly subscription fee of $399. 

Whether facing big strategic issues or smaller, daily challenges, SBA offers three things: 


  1. Unlimited access to SBA’s advisory platform
  2. Unlimited access to SBA's easy-to-implement program solutions 
  3. Unlimited access to a Learning Center


SBA Services

Consulting / Advisory


 Unlimited access to SBA’s consulting and advisory experts.   Get immediate, actionable help to understand and address virtually any business challenge, question, or issue - large or small. 

Using our library of business cases and our partner, Ideasphere, a global management and business process consulting firm, SBA will help diagnose and present actionable Solutions to business questions.  

SBA delivers what is the last, and most important, page of an expensive management consultant's presentation - the Solution.

Presented in simple, easy-to-digest language, SBA provides a roadmap for virtually any business challenge.  

Program Solutions



Unlimited access to SBA's Solutions network.    We deliver “plug and play” solutions to grow sales, manage expenses and/or cash, hire/retain talent, market your business, re-vamp technology or operations, and more. 

You don’t pay to develop ideas; you don’t pay retainers or upfront fees; you don’t spend hours or weeks implementing or managing them.  

SBA's Program Solutions produce short-term, impactful results, with little or no time on your part, no new staff, no new budget.

Learning Center


Unlimited access to SBA's library of learning tools.  Based on material from the Small Business Administration, access SBA's 15 tutorials on critical business expertise:

Sales and Marketing

Social Media

Financing / Attracting Investors

Strategic Planning


Customer Service

Writing a Business Plan

Market Research

Human Resources

Government Contracting

Growing Your Business

Raising Capital


Business Planning

Gaining Competitive Advantage